Ready for the 2024 Hong Kong Plastic Tableware Ban?

Enjoy 20% Discount on Sustainabl. Packaging:

Follow these instructions to ensure you comply with the new regulations:

1. Click [HERE] to create an account
2. Shop products - please note prices are before discount is applied.
3 Apply discount code -"Sustainabl20" at checkout which gives you 20% off all purchases on the site.
4. Enjoy free shipping - to a single address for any orders over $3,000 HKD (excludes the HK Islands District).

More information

About the Scheme

Sustainabl. Planet is running this scheme to help restaurants, bars and hotels comply with the new 2024 Plastic Tableware Ban and to encourage the adoption of responsibly sourced home compostable, recyclable and plastic-free packaging provided by Sustainabl. Planet.

The Sustainabl. Mission

We believe in transforming packaging in Hong Kong to planet positive, ‘truly’ sustainable solutions, by removing single use plastic and bioplastic waste from our streets and oceans as well as  providing accessible circular solutions for our recyclable and compostable products.